Here’s a selection of responses and reviews on the writings!!

On the snippets:

“Love this!”
“I love your writing style and am very impressed. I’ll be looking forward to reading your work more often. Thank you so much! 😄”
“I like what you wrote very much. Hope to keep reading more!”
“Love. Love. LOVE this! Amazing job!”
“Hey! Where is that quote from? I really love it!”
“Loved this so much!!”
“You are a very fine writer.”
“You are such an eloquent writer”

And the pages:

“I’ve read an excerpt and I enjoyed the mood it put me into. I look forward to following and finding out more!”
“Very pleasant to read and to transport myself into the essence of your writing :)”

“Read the excerpts from your book – they really are lovely ! As usual you have painted your “word pictures” so vividly that you feel that you are there! I loved the one about the flower seller and her shop. I also liked the one about the cup. I sat here mulling them over in my mind, then went back to the site to reread them again. Well done – I want to read the whole book!”

“Subscribed to the little snippets you post on WordPress, loving them so far… looking forward to the book!”

“Really like thoughts by the pond – terrific!”


Thanks everyone – for a great start!! 😄