Here is a short outline and presentation of the book and the overall concept:

This first book with the working title “The Park”,  is a short novel about a character who goes into a favorite park on a beautiful morning, and while sitting down on a bench suddenly starts remembering big parts of his life experience, with great people and travels, and a myriad of little stories and reflections about good life.

Some of the main topics in the reflections are the beauty of people, inspiration, travels, friendships and learning and changing through the coming of age, and the effects of personal growth and new discoveries.

Broader themes are also the repeated process of changes in life, the renewal of self through meeting with other people, and the role of creativity in absorbing change and in manifesting pillars of transitions and new beginnings in time.

The frame of the book is how this beautiful park opens up a process of remembrance through the influence and atmosphere of nature and people, and of peacefulness. The main part of the book then focuses on a couple of years in the past where the main character lives in a peaceful little village and after a while goes through a transformation as history, friends, daily life, readings, tea and uneventful weeks starts to have effects on him.

As the many stories and memories of good life and golden experiences have all been re-lived and reflected in his mind, the character finally reaches the point that enables him to go through yet another big change and a new beginning in life.

The last part of the book also emphasizes the role of social life, and of romantic love, as true sources of both authentic happiness and of inspiration for new initiatives and achievements in life.

The book is also a tribute to life, and to the joy of living.

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